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    Established and led the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command’s Aerostat-based High Altitude Long Endurance Testbed for over five years!
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    Elevated Systems|Enhancing YOUR Mission Effectiveness
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    Credibility Through Performance
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    Myriad of Applications

About Us

More about SkySentry and the many applications available to your industry.






…a cost-effective, turn-key solution for any operator needing rapid response communications and surveillance.





Sample Applications

Miners, First Responders, Fire Fighters, Environmentalists, Public Event Organizers, Border & Harbor Security Specialists, Tactical Military Operations...Look Here! executiveservicesbubble

SkySentry Executive Services

We offer widely recognized national experts for cost-effective Program Analysis and Reviews, Management Augmentation, Independent Wargames, and Innovative Problem Solving.  These experts are available to you at truly modest cost on short-term contracts and short notice.

specializedservices Specialty Services

SkySentry offers auxiliary elevated system services, as well as military staff experts well versed in aerostat and UAV type operations.


Modeling & Simulation

Up front analysis and visualization of complex problems can greatly enhance program management, with substantial cost savings.  SkySentry has a sophisticated array of tools at your disposal

Our knowledge. Your benefit.

Watch The Launch & Recovery of Our TEA-45

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TEA-45 Specification Sheet

HEA-42 Specification Sheet

Tactisphere - Updated 11/13

Executive Profiles

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